Thursday, March 12, 2009

Parallel Parking Skills

This morning I went to the East Bay Center for Creative Reuse to see what it was all about. I had read about it on (my new workplace) and was drooling over it. What it is basically is the Goodwill for crafters and teachers. They are SUPER cheap and have a bunch of random stuff from stamps to fabric and leather to empty toilet paper rolls. Everything is donated, I believe, and I guess the premises is "Somebody's Trash is Another Person's Treasure."

Well, I didn't find any treasure there today. I guess it just wasn't what I was expecting. I wasn't really in the 'sort through the boxes' kind of mood (like you have to be at Forever21. So, maybe that was my problem. I mean, I definitely can tell how people could come out of there with a bag of "junk" and end up making something really pretty.

Anyways...the point of this post is to brag about the parallel parking that I did!! There was a free parking spot on the front curb and I was super excited. Now, I am not a horrible parallel parker, it just normally takes me a few times in drive and reverse to make sure I am in 100%. Well, that was NOT the case today!! I pulled up to and then lined myself up with the car in front of the empty spot. I shifted into reverse, started to turn my wheel and slowly glided into the spot. A turn of the wheel here, a tap of the break there. I was kind of paranoid because there were people standing right next to the spot, but it didn't seem to phase me. In about 25 seconds I had PERFECTLY backed right into the spot. I didn't have to adjust, or anything!!!!

I was so excited - basically beyond myself!! I think it really made me think that today is a great day!! Yay for a perfect parallel parking experience!!

I am sure it won't ever happen again, but oh well!!

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