Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rest & Relaxation

Seriously, who doesn't LOVE the weekend? There is no other day that I love more than Saturday. Yes, it is true, I like Saturday WAY more than I like Friday. I mean, Friday is great - that is probably why they came up with the slogan "TGIF." But you still go to work on Friday. You still have to wake up early and get important like things done.

But Saturday is a totally different story. And you might think that Sunday is a good day too, but the looming Monday is always in the back of your mind. And that is why Saturday is perfect and my favorite day of the week!

Today, I got to sleep in (minus the quick 5:30am trip to take Delilah outside to go potty). Then, I got to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with Michael while we sat and watched TV. So pleasant! We finally made it to the gym at 11:30 and I did a few errands. The afternoon continued with some DVRd shows and left over Paxti's deep dish pizza - YUMMMM!!

I mean, it wasn't the most exciting day, but I wasn't rushed to get major things accomplished because I can use Sunday for that! And if I wanted to, I could even be lazy tomorrow because I have Monday off - quick thanks to MLK Jr!! I plan on using this nice long weekend to rest up, try and recover from this lingering sickness, and get some things done around the house. Oh, and continue to celebrate Michael's 24th birthday!!

Basically, if someone doesn't love the weekend - then don't bother coming back and reading this blog again reading - we shouldn't be friends. I am also going to start campaigning for 3 day weekends every weekend! I vow to work a little bit longer and harder Monday through Thursday if I can have Friday-Sunday off. Then, I will love Friday as much as I love Saturday!