Saturday, June 4, 2011

I've moved...

Hi Friends!!! 

I've moved!!! Please come check me out at

xoxox Kelsey

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Quick ABC game to get me back in the blogging mode....

ABC's of Kelsey 
A.   Age: 26 (or 21 for the 6th time, depends on how you want to look at it!)
B.    Bed size: CalKing and I still sleep right next to the BF
C.   Chore you hate: The act of folding laundry and unloading the dishwasher.
D.   Dogs: Love 'em!!!  Especially my cutie Delilah

 Doesn't she look like a piggy?!
E.    Essential start to your day: coffee of course!!
F.  Favorite color: pink or if I need a combination of color - then pink, purple and turquoise. 
G.  Gold or silver: Silver!! Or platinum ;)
H.  Height: 5'7"
I.   Instruments you play: well, i can play a couple hot songs on the recorder and about two 3 note songs on the piano.
J.   Job title: Account Manager
K.  Kids: none at this point in life, but I am sure that will change at some point.
L.  Live: San Francisco, CA
M. Mom’s name: Susan (or Crazy Sue as I call her)
N.  Nicknames: Kelsey, Babe, K-night, Buttercup, Kelchita, KDiz
O.  Overnight hospital stays: none that I can remember
P.  Pet peeve: Late people, selfish people and hearing people eat their food.
Q.  Quote from a movie: "Big gulps huh? Well, see ya later!" -Dumb & Dumber

R.  Righty or Lefty: Righty Tighty!!
S.   Siblings: Older sister Christin, younger brother Kenny
T.   Time you wake up: well, 5:15 on weekdays when I work out, 6:30ish when I don't, and whenever on the weekend/holidays!!
U.   Underwear: Wouldn't you like to know... ;)
V.    Vegetables you dislike: honestly, none that I can think of. I mean...I am trying really hard and nothing is coming to mind.  I even like brussel sprouts!  Most ones that come out of a can though would be hard to stomach.
W.   What makes you run late:When I don't get up when I should.  And traffic/bus delays.  But I am typically on time - if not early!
X.    X-rays you’ve had: um, my teeth once a year, my broken left arm, a fractured heel, and I think that is it.
Y.    Yummy food you make: cookies, bread, dinner foods, cakes - I can't choose one
Z.  Zoo Animal you love: the giraffe because it has a long neck like me! :)

Working on getting into regular blogging, so more to come!!! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Not much to say...just a pretty picture of my drive back into SF today after some meetings for work...

Happy Wednesday Folks!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What is my easy loss?

I read a lot of fitness magazines, articles, blogs, etc. You can learn a lot of good things, and also some crazy things.  One thing that I always come across when glancing through is this:

"If you don't eat/drink ______, then you could lose ____ pounds in a year."

Yesterday, I was reading Women's Health magazine...

And I came across this statistic - "People who live in a city with public transportation lose an average of 6.5 lbs in 12-18 months."

Well, when I moved to SF, I definitely did not lose 6.5 pounds.  And, I never got to lose 10 pounds in a year after stopping drinking soda because I don't drink soda.  I feel like I always read statistics like these - and I always think to myself "what do I get to stop eating/drinking to lose X amount of pounds?!?!" 

I guess the positive way to look at it is...if I did drink or eat those things, I guess I could be X pounds heavier, right?!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Here we go...

Alright. I am going to try something new. Quick, short posts to see if I can be more "regular" at this whole blogging thing. I mean, if I spent 1/4 of the time writing on my own blog then I did reading other peoples' blog, well, we wouldn't have the shortage of posts that we do. Anyways...

Here is the highlight of my day today:

I am walking back to work after being out at a few meetings. As I am walking down the street, an older man - who looks pretty normal and harmless - is walking towards me carrying a few large shopping bags. I try to move out of his way and he comes up to me. Here is the conversation that ensues:

Man: "Has anyone one told you?"
KK: "Told me what?"
Man: "That you are a gorgeous young lady?"
KK: Laugh politely..."thank you"

At this point, I think the man is nice and I am about to head off on my way. I mean, I will take a compliment any day of the week!

Man: "No, seriously, you are very pretty."
KK: "Thank you (polite smile)"
Man: "You look very nice and make sure you don't end up like those seals and whales that I see around."

Well, now I can't stop laughing, but this guy is being totally serious. He repeats himself, I say "OK" and walk to my office.  And well, I think that conversation says enough. Until tomorrow :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just Enjoy

I am sitting here on a plane (well, by the time this is posted, I will be at home since there is no inflight wi-fi), and I am realizing that I am pretty productive when I fly. Well, unless I am incredibly tired, then I just sleep. And, I guess that is pretty productive when you think about it. But, I have managed to organize my calendar, clean out my purse, eavesdrop on the two guys next to me chatting about the iPad and everything in between. And, I have done a lot of thinking and mental organization. I have realized that I need to go back to a pen and paper "to-do" list as opposed to one on my phone. I've also realized that life is passing by pretty quickly. And I also have realized that I have been having an awful lot of "deja vu" moments in life. Like, a whole lot! Then I realized that this would be a great time to write a blog!

I went to my Grampa's 79th birthday party yesterday. I walked up, gave him a big hug, said "Happy Birthday" and then asked how he was doing. He then provided me with the funniest and most optimistic response I could have imagined.

He says "Welp, one more day above ground, so I am doing alright."

I laughed and then that thought had me thinking for the rest of the day. I go through every day worrying about small details, stressing about things that relative are pretty obsolete, and my Grampa's comment made me stop. I thought to myself, at the end of the day, what do I want to have spent my day doing. I can spend the day enjoying the people I am around, being thankful for a home, a wonderful boyfriend, family and friends. Or, I can stress about things I want to try and change, the crappy commute home from work, etc etc.

I am deciding to be thankful for what I have, and accept the things I cannot change. I would rather brush aside small things and be less stressed, then focus on them and have a crummy day in turn. Every day that I have is one more day above ground to enjoy what I can. So, take a moment each day to remember what makes you happy and be thankful for that.

That is what I plan to do.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Will I Ever Get It Right?

I can't tell you how many times each day I think to myself "OK, make sure to blog about this later. Even if it is only a few sentences." It happens at least 7 times a day. At least! I don't want to suck at blogging. I would love to write something every day. I think it helps me organize the mental vomit that occurs in my brain each day.

So, I am going to make another attempt at being better at this. Each entry doesn't have to be long and extensive. I think that even a quote or a funny picture from the day would be great. And that is what I am going to attempt to do. My thought is that f I make it less daunting that it will be easier to achieve. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Anyways...things are going well. Work is work, summer is here in SF - well, I mean it is June so it SHOULD be summer, but Mother Nature forgot to drop the sun off. It alternates between sunny with cold temperatures, and rain with cold temperatures. So, nothing like the summers that I love. Needless to say, I am pretty pale.

I am contemplating training for a half marathon...more on that tomorrow!