Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Few Things to Share

I just wanted to share a few things I have learned in the past few days and also a few of the random thoughts that I have had. Here we go...

1. Not sure if most people were aware of this, but I just learned that baby carrots do not grow that way. I have always thought they found a way to grow them smaller- but unfortunately this is not the case. They are really just big carrots that can't be sold because they could be slightly rotting or just not look pretty. So, after the bag in my fridge is gone, I am not eating them anymore. Because, well, this just bummed me out.

2. Random thought I had today- hoe do people who are blind find the braille signs that are posted on the walls? And, I am not saying this to be sassy- I am really curious.

3. So, my cat sheds a lot. And I found a new trick tonight that I want to share with everyone! I went to use one of those tape rollers to get some of Elle's hair off the bed- and it didn't do anything! So, I grabbed a Bounce sheet and rubbed it all over the comforter...WORKED LIKE A CHARM and was WAY faster!

4. If I could have a 3 day weekend every weekend, I would work so much harder the 4 work days of the week...PROMISE!!!

5. I still don't understand why men cat-call out the window at women on the street- do you think I am going to turn around and say "Oh! Please stop!! That totally turns me on!!" - uh....I think NOT!!!!

That is all I really have today- just some random things I though of and other things that I learned that I wanted to share. Hope everyone is enjoy the short work week! Tomorrow is already Thursday!!! YAY!!! So, until next time...

xo and much love,