Saturday, March 21, 2009

It happened so fast!!

Sorry that I have not written in a while- I started a new job this week (YAY!!!) and I have been so caught up in adjusting to a new schedule that I had not worked blogging into it yet! But, that is all going to change!

Anyways, I started out this crummy weathered Saturday thinking that I was just going to sweep my apartment. All of a sudden, an hour into it, I had swept, vacuumed, laundry-ed, windex-ed, lysol-ed, dusted and tidied my entire apartment!! I guess spring started two days ago, so I am calling this my spring cleaning session.

Here is what i realized through all of this...I want a maid. Seriously. I mean, I don't mind putting my clothes in the dirty clothes and putting my dishes in the dishwasher (although my actions might say otherwise sometimes) but all the other stuff is annoying. If someone would come to my apartment once a week (at a cheap price) and do the major cleaning- I would be one happy girl! So, this is something to motivate my money making. More money coming in= someone else cleaning my house. Sounds like a good deal to me!