Monday, November 15, 2010

Here we go...

Alright. I am going to try something new. Quick, short posts to see if I can be more "regular" at this whole blogging thing. I mean, if I spent 1/4 of the time writing on my own blog then I did reading other peoples' blog, well, we wouldn't have the shortage of posts that we do. Anyways...

Here is the highlight of my day today:

I am walking back to work after being out at a few meetings. As I am walking down the street, an older man - who looks pretty normal and harmless - is walking towards me carrying a few large shopping bags. I try to move out of his way and he comes up to me. Here is the conversation that ensues:

Man: "Has anyone one told you?"
KK: "Told me what?"
Man: "That you are a gorgeous young lady?"
KK: Laugh politely..."thank you"

At this point, I think the man is nice and I am about to head off on my way. I mean, I will take a compliment any day of the week!

Man: "No, seriously, you are very pretty."
KK: "Thank you (polite smile)"
Man: "You look very nice and make sure you don't end up like those seals and whales that I see around."

Well, now I can't stop laughing, but this guy is being totally serious. He repeats himself, I say "OK" and walk to my office.  And well, I think that conversation says enough. Until tomorrow :)

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