Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie

Barbie's 50th birthday was on Monday, and I must say....for being 50 she is looking pretty fabulous! So, this got me thinking. There is that saying "I want to be Barbie, the b*tch has everything" and although people say that one couldn't REALLY be Barbie because you would be unproportionate, I still want to be Barbie. And here is why:

First, I think the only person who looks this good at the age of 50 or beyond may be Demi Moore and maybe Madonna if she would lay off some of the crazy stuff she has been doing to her face and put the arm weights down everyone once in a while. I mean, Barbie is hot! And, just think of the number of closets she must have!! Seriously.

Second, this doll has reinvented herself more time that Britney Spears, and even Madonna for that matter! From a teacher, to doctor, to beauty pageant winner, to motorcyclist - Barbie has succeed in ever career she has chosen. Or that is what the packaging makes you think anyway. I doubt that Barbie's current job, whatever that may be, is affected by the recession. Highly unlikely!!

Also, she is one popular broad! She has tons of friends - most attractive like her, which is important!! And Barbie has to be one of the best selling toys/dolls ever. I know I had a least a million when I was younger, because even though her face looked the same in every box (maybe a different color eyeshadow if they were being crazy!!) , she had different accessories/clothes which I HAD to have!!

So, when you think about it, what girl would not want to be Barbie?! People going crazy to dress you for everyday life and fabulous events that you attend? Tons of clothes bought by other people. Great makeup and fabulous hair - and never in short supply of a hair brush! I think Barbie has a pretty sweet deal going she taking applications for a replacement? If so, I am first in line...So, Barbie, meet your replacement :)

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