Friday, February 27, 2009

While Driving...

Today I drove from Oakland to Orange County to visit my family, friends and drop my car off down here so my Dad can try and sell it for me (Let me know if you're interested in an amazing Nissan 350Z). During my too long of a drive, I learned a few things that I wanted to share. So, with no further a due:

1.) Watching a blimp land is super cool. I watched the Good Year Blimp land and when it lands, there are people on the ground who grab these long strings attached to the from and help to pull it down. Can you imagine if everyone played a prank on one person and let go of the ropes?! See ya later sucker!!

2.) While I know that pesticides are bad for our fruits and veggies, I watched a crop dusting helicopter in action and almost ran off the road because it was so fun to watch! It does quick turn maneuvers to not miss a crop - it almost looks like a video game.

3.) Driving long distance brings out the race car driver within me. I raced with a yellow corvette, a black BMW and a huge truck- and won them all :) I had to stop to go to the bathroom (too much water) when I was racing the corvette and I ended up catching back up with him an hour or so later before the 5 merged onto whatever freeway it merges with. I was VERY proud!!

4.) When I drive, I think that I am a rockstar. I crank the music up as loud as I can stand and then I sing at the top of my lungs. And I personally don't think I sound that bad....but that is all relative I guess.

5.) While being a rockstar, I was reminded of how many song lyrics I sing wrong. Ask Michael about this one. I think that if I did kareoke I would have culture shock when I learn how many words I am singing wrong. But I am totally ok with this and I think it is an endearing quality :)

Anyways, I wanted to share these things for no particular reason. I am in Orange County for the next few days then I am going to venture down to San Diego to hang out with some friends! I am planning on being better at writing more get ready for some fun ones!!

xo and much love,

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