Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tannest Friends...

I had an interesting run in with the Mystic Tan yesterday. My friend Rachel works at a tanning salon, so my other friend Cori and I decided to go in since Rachel was going to give us a good deal - and because I am so pathetically pale. So, we decide, with Rachel's help, to do a level 3 in the Mystic Spray Tan. Now, let me give you some background here...Rachel is the tannest friend I have ever had. EVER. She has been nicknamed "Barbados Barbie" because it could be the middle of a snow storm and Rachel would be visible because she is so freakin' tan!!

So, Cori and I decide that we will both do the highest level of the Mystic Tan. Cori goes first and comes out looking tan right off the bat. Then, I go in. I put on the hair net, put on the lotion in all the right places and step in. Now, I have done the level 2 before and came out with a nice tan right before Las Vegas. So, I don't know why I decided to do level 3 in the dead of winter when I am returning to the land of no tanning salons...aka the bay area. So, after almost suffocating from Mystic Tan affixiation, I get out and blot dry, like the directions say. We happily leave the salon and can't help but laugh because we are already starting to look like Rachel.

As the day progresses, Cori and I continue on our way, making sure not to sweat because that wil make the tan drip or something crazy like that. Then at about 2:00pm- I look at Cori's face and cannot stop laughing - SHE IS SO FREAKIN TAN!!! And when I say tan, I mean, her eyes and teeth are glowing! Then I look in the mirror and realize that I look like the exact same! AHH. I mean, at this point, our eye lids are tan!! We can't stop laughing and decide it might be best to rinse off so taht we stop the color process and don't reak of tanner for happy hour!!

All I have to say is that I think I am a normal looking color now, but if I didn't rinse off, I am scared of what I might look like. And for the future, I do not think that I will be doing a level 3 anytime soon- unless I am on my way to the Caribbean and need to blend in with the locals.

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