Wednesday, February 25, 2009


can't get cat is sitting on my lap and won't let me get up. Now, for those of you who know my cat, you probably know that ever since we got Delilah, she has gotten a mean streak. Well, as I sit here on the couch needing to get up to go to Target for some essentials, Elle is sitting on me and meowing and moaning every time I move just a bit. And this isn't a nice meow. It is a "try and move me and feel the wrath of my claws!!" kind of meow.

(can't you see the evil in her eyes?!)

So, here are my choices: A) remain here on the couch until she decides she is ready to move. This could be very soon or VERY long from now. B) Try and pick her up and move her and risk getting punctured by 10 inch long talons (maybe a slight exaggeration).

Right now, I am going with A, but my patience is wearing thin and my desire to go to Target is getting the best of me. I think I am going to try and move her- I hope I don't pass out from too much blood loss....

xo and much love,

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