Friday, January 30, 2009

And the diagnosis is...PART 2

OMG - I totally forgot one of my most important symptoms - and you are just going to DIE when I tell you what it is. OK, ready for it?!


How fitting that I forgot to put that in my list of symptoms. HA HA HA! Well, this is one of the ones that triggered my self-diagnosis because my boyfriend can't believe how bad my memory is recently. Like, the other night, he fed the dog and then went to the gym. 30 minutes later I could not remember if he fed her, so I put the food in the bowl, stood there for a second thinking about if he fed her or not, then put the food back in the food bag. When he came back from the gym, I told him about it and he could not believe it!!

So, point of the story - I am forgetful in my life right now, which is a first, and that, among other symptoms, is why I think I have a lazy thyroid.

XO and much love,

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