Friday, January 30, 2009

Being unemployed is boring...

Whoever refers to it as "FUNemployment" must have a ton of money and no need to work, because it is not that "fun" to me. So, I have decided to start blogging as part of my journey in unemployment. In all honesty, I am running out of things to do that are free, and it has lead me to this. Being unemployed would be great if I had a ton of disposable income and could go shopping all day and be a "lady who lunches." But I don't, so I can't.

So, instead, I am taking to the "blogosphere" and publishing my thoughts for anyone and everyone to see. I hope you all enjoy what you read - hopefully it can be entertaining for some - but if nothing else it can be an outlet for me to say what I think and pass some time before I check Craigslist, Monster and Careerbuilder for new job postings. Or until I check my celebrity blogs that I read because I find it more entertaining than reading the news...

XO and much love,

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