Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To Link or Not To Link....That is the Question

When it was my birthday Michael, my sister, her boyfriend, Crazy Sue (my mom) and I went and saw "He's Just Not That Into You." Luckily, I have an amazing boyfriend, so I wasn't able to relate to the title. Lord knows after 4 years he is still into me! :) It was a cute movie, not the best, but cute. Great ensemble cast with great moments and a few good laughs. 1.5 thumbs up...Anyways, one scene that has stuck in my head is this:

So, I feel like this is life, but instead of with guys, it is with the various networks I am a part of online...facebook, twitter, my blog, g-chat status, linkedin, emails, myspace, etc. I have so many different places to update people on my oh-so-fabulous life that I am never sure who knows what and what I want which people to know.

It IS exhausting!

So, I am contemplating linking my twitter and facebook statuses so that when I update one, the other says the same thing. But here is my I want my my fellow tweeters (is that the right term?) to know what my facebook friends know? And vice versa?! As I right this, it makes me realize that if this is one of my life's bigger dilemmas then life must be going pretty darn well- which it is :) And what about when I @reply to people on twitter?! Not that I do it very often, but then people on facebook won't understand the context which could make me look kooky.

I am going to do it. Well, first I am going to figure out how to actually make it happen, then I am going to link them for a week or so and see what I think. If it stays- obviously I like it. And if not, it means that I prefer to update all my different "portals" to keep all the various people who happen to care about my thoughts up to date on the latest.

Hmm...i would rather be contemplating this in life then focusing on the swine flu. Just wash your hands folks! Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

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  1. Hey stranger...just saw the link on FB! Can we be blog friends? :)