Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BART Chronicals, Part 2

Ok, so this didn't happen today, but it is definitely worth mentioning! I was headed home from another great day at work. I walk down into the BART station and jump onto the BART train that is so graciously holding its' doors open for me. I sit down, hear "the doors are closing. please stand clear of the doors," the kind reminder to GET OUT OF THE WAY!! Then, this lady with a roller backpack (I bet you can tell where this is going) decides to try and sneak in the train at the last second.

OK, she makes it in, but her stupid backpack and half of her arm are now obstructing the door. So, a kind gentleman jumps up and pries the doors open so the lady can get in. She gets her other half in the train, sits in a seat and acts like nothing has happened at all. Then, over the loud speak we hear "The doors on this train are obstructed. Please move away from the doors." The guy has broken one of the doors trying to help this dumb lady get in. Now, one of the doors won't close- and this is the middle of rush hour. AWESOME.

So, "door lady" as I am not referring to her, just sits there and doesn't help AT ALL. Some other man gets up to talk to the BART operator, while someone else tried to pull the door closed. Nothing. People are taking this opportunity to get on the already crowded, not to mention BROKEN train. Seriously?! Then, a BART worker runs down to our train to try and fix the door and isn't successful. He runs away and comes back again, while the lady on the loud speaker says "I'm about to take this train out of service if the door doesn't close." UGH.

The poor BART worker has run back and forth trying to shut the stupid broken door so we can move and stop delaying trains. He finally fixes it - with cheers from people in the train and on the platform...I kid you not.

And this lady who caused this commotion in the first place JUST SITS THERE THE WHOLE TIME!!! I could not believe it. If you are going to break a door, at least try to help fix it or be the person to talk to the BART operator. Some people...anyways. That is what you get for having a roller backpack...

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