Sunday, January 3, 2010

Appointments Available...

Michael needed a hair cut. Michael didn't want to pay to have someone cut his hair (this topic could be a whole different post). Michael asks if I want to try and cut his hair.

I could not believe the above mentioned situation happened today. But, it did. So, let me tell you how it turns out. Michael said that I could try and cut his hair. If I messed up badly, or if he didn't like it, he would just buzz it. So, nothing too bad could happen, right?!

Let me make it known that I have never cut someone else's hair before. In 4th grade my friend Tricia and I would randomly take pieces of our own hair and chop them with the crappy scissors we had in our pencil boxes. I guess you could say it was my first experience with a layered hair cut.

So, we set up what I am now referring to as "Kelsey's Salon" right in the middle of the living room. I provide my client with a great TV show to watch and get to work. Well, what I think you might really call what I was doing is haphazard chopping. I do the things I have seen my hair girl do on me, as well as things I have seen other hair stylists do on the men at the salon. I try and make sure things are even, I precisely cut around the ears and at the base of the neck. I part his hair in different ways to make sure when he styles it that it will actually look decent.

Basically, I am doing everything that I can to make sure this isn't a total bust because, well, I really like Michael with hair on his head. So, about 30 minutes into this hair cut, i step back and think that I have done a pretty good job. I grab a mirror (because I am confident enough that Michael isn't going to freak out) and I show him what is now resting on his head. And, to my surprise- he is pretty impressed!! He points out a few uneven portions, as well as the need to trim the sideburns, and I take a few more minutes to fix those spots. Ok, it was more like another 15 minutes, but it was my first time...I can't be too speedy just yet!

I get the mirror again to display the final look...and well...see for yourself:

I mean, pretty good for my first time cutting hair!! And, he hasn't buzzed it, so I guess I did an OK job by his standards too. So, what I am thinking, is that if I need to find a backup career, being a hair stylist is definitely a possibility. Would you come to my salon?! Ha ha

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