Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beauty is Pain

I got a lot of great presents for Christmas. I am one lucky girl- that is for sure! I needed a lot of practical things - a new coat, jeans, and so on. There were also some things that I wanted/got that might not be viewed as "completely necessary..." but what is a must have for me could be totally lame to you.

Case in of my favorite gifts I got is this - footzyrolls:

Ok, wait, let me give you a little background first. I LOVE heels. The taller the better, and I am confident that I will never feel like I have too many heels. I prefer heels over flats for many reasons and even if they are painful (which some of them are) I will still wear them. It's the price of being a "girly" girl, I guess.

So, there have been many times when i have needed to walk somewhere after work, and would be able to do this much faster and with much less pain, if I weren't wearing heels. A lot of the time, I will bring a pair of flats or flip flops for my walk.

I was reading a magazine on the treadmill a few weeks ago and came across these lovely little inventions. They are such a great concept - wear your super cute shoes, and then, in your purse you can carry these cute lil roll up ballet flats to switch out of to walk home, or wherever you need to go. GENIUS!! I was involved in a few secret santa exchanges at work, and I put the link to these up on my gchat status jokingly asking my secret santa for them. Then, during one of the exchanges...I GOT THEM!! I was so excited!

I have worn them a few times since I got them, and let me tell you- I would buy 5 more pairs. I am definitely including these in my gift giving repertoire for my girlfriends. So convenient, compact and just plan amazing!! LOVE THEM!

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