Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night at Home

I am so cool right now. It's Friday night and I am sitting at home still mildly recovering from a too crazy Thursday night. Note for the future- company parties are AWESOME. Company parties on a Thursday are NOT too awesome. Well, scratch that- the Friday after a Thursday night company party are what sucks. There definitely was a lull over the sales floor today and you could tell that there was a large handful of people who were in worse shape than I.

I am so excited that it's a three day weekend! That means a lot of sleeping in, getting things done, having fun and hanging out. Oh, and working out, because I have definitely been sucking at that lately. I need to get back on the eating healthy and working out train. And the 2 Yelp cupcakes that I ate late night aren't doing anything for my girlish figure. Well, I only eat the tops where all the frosting is, so that is better, right?

And here is my random thought for the day- can I please have my life resemble a musical please? I want background music and to be able to break out into song at anytime without getting weird looks. Ok, that's all. Back to being lazy!

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