Monday, May 11, 2009

My Ideal Place...

There has been B-E-A-utiful weather here in the Bay Area these past few days. And, it made me ponder a few things. Mainly, what I miss about San Diego. Well, I miss my friends, I miss being in college and ditching class to get a tan or do nothing. But I really miss the weather.

But I really like the city life here. I love not having to drive, although my rock star performance have decreased from car session rock outs to shower sing-a-longs. I like the liveliness that a big city brings and the fun and crazy people that I meet. Although, there definitely is a good deal of those in San Diego as well.

So, I have decided that the best of both worlds (yes, that is a Hannah Montana song) would be the San Francisco city lifestyle and the San Diego weather (and beaches). I would be such a happy camper if I could actually get my daily dose of vitamin D through the tall city buildings. But, I guess that great weather is something that I must sacrifice for the city life. I can deal with it- for now :)

So, I am going to savor this weather for however long it lasts. I have tried to refrain from checking so that I don't get depressed when I see the little sun icon hidden behind the rain clouds....or no sun icon at all. And for now I will dust of my summer dresses and hide my pea coat...for the next few days at least.

xoxo and much love,

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